Upcoming INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS: Register now for Phase 1 & Phase 2

Interactive WoRKSHOPS & Individual Coaching

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Upcoming Workshops: 

One-Day Teen Workshop  (Grade 6-High School Senior)

Topics: Communication & Being Exceptional

  • Phase 1: Monday March 2nd 6:00-8:30pm

30 Minute Parent/Teen Workshop 

(After Teen Workshop Concludes)

 The Juniorettes: Private & Exclusive Event  

One Day Teen Workshop (High School Students Only) 

Topics: Communication & Being Exceptional

Sponsored by Mark Batinick & Plainfield Township 

Phase 1: March 26th - Limited Space

One on One Private Coaching

Space is extremely limited!

Individual Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching for teens and young adults, 

tailored specifically to their needs

Our goal is to provide guidance & support 

for teens to improve upon Social Emotional Learning, 

Growth Mindset & Essential "Soft Skills". 

Coaching for young adults ranges from 

resume and interview prep to business etiquette. 

A basic framework of individual coaching includes, 

but is not limited to:

  • Exploring the teen's needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes
  • Setting relevant/realistic goals based on their  needs
  • Taking relevant/realistic actions toward reaching goals
  • Learning by continuing to reflect on their actions, sharing feedback along the way

Please contact us for pricing and more information. Can be done in person or virtually.

Interactive Teen workshop Topics: What will they learn?


Be Exceptional

Be Exceptional


Be Exceptional

Be Exceptional

Be Exceptional


Personal Brand

Be Exceptional

Personal Brand


Growth Mindset

Emotional Intelligence

Personal Brand


Energy & Attitude

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


Cancellation Policy

Please note that we do not provide refunds for cancellations. If a cancellation is necessary, we will provide a credit for use toward a future workshop or individual coaching session. 

We understand that individuals may miss a day during a workshop due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. We do not provide refunds for missed days during a workshop. However, individuals can "make up" the missed day during a future workshop of their choice. 

We appreciate 24 hours notice for cancellations/missed days.